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South Florida artists Audyo Sound & DeFame have teamed up to form the Hip-Hop/Soul duo, Sound Famous.

A clever play on both monikers, Audyo Sound & DeFame are using Sound Famous to pose the question,

“What does fame sound like?”

Sound Famous distinguishes themselves by balancing aspects of the mainstream and underground with style and integrity. Audyo’s soulful, R&B delivery and unorthodox rhyme flow become the perfect blend to DeFame’s brazen and direct lyrical approach.

Together they have released two concurrent projects, The Turnaround & Talking Heads, now available for download.

The Turnaround stands apart from your everyday mixtape, delivering a thought provoking message underlined throughout the entire project. It boasts a staggering, 20-man posse cut entitled "The Hunger Games" and implements a rare collection of instrumentals, skits, and interludes. The Turnaround is a reflection of a lost art in our culture.

The booklet insert for The Turnaround uniquely mimics the reels of a View Master, adding to the nostalgic feeling of the project and making The Turnaround an instant gem for any Hip Hop head.

The Talking Heads takes a darker approach by touching upon hot button issues plaguing our society using original production by fellow producer “SpeakerMeds.” Talking Heads carries you through eye opening songs like “Undercover (Dirty Money)" and "Fringe Class” - made to evoke emotion and challenge the powers that be.

Sound Famous uses Talking Heads as a forum to explore political views, health care issues and the state of our current economy. After coming off of a controversial election in our country, Talking Heads is a much needed voice for our generation and strength in the community.

Through years of networking on the local scene, Sound Famous has gathered the creativity of various independent artists and used each release as a platform to showcase the talents of many.

By keeping everything in-house, (production, mixing, photo shoots and filming/directing), Sound Famous takes extreme pride on being hands on with their art.

Collaborating on song concepts and choruses, Sound Famous has strengthened their song-writing ability and musical range to cover any topic or musical composition.

While still focusing on their emerging solo careers, Audyo Sound & DeFame bring a new energy to the scene and defy what an upcoming rapper should what does fame sound like?